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An Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 40543)

  • Our culture is to bring simplicity to an industry which has been seen to be complicated and confusing for long, by going down to the level of individuals hence helping them to understand what they are taking.
  • To evolve the right strategies across a range of often complex and shifting conditions, we encourage an inventive but disciplined approach and smart, creative problem-solving. Our culture of innovation keeps us thinking ahead and pushing harder to achieve ever high standards of excellence. It allows us to skillfully navigate risk while consistently delivering superior results.
  • A tightly managed company that is enriched between companies and individuals we have built our reputation upon rigorous and leading edge research, our flexibility in being able to maximize opportunities. Our introspection that urges us to keep finding better solutions and the stability of our team of specialists, most of whom have been with Azusa since inception.
  • The commitment and the tenacity to remain focused on the long term goals, irrespective of the vagaries of the market, are central to our success.
  • In everything we do, we strive to create value and it is this attitude that challenges us to extend our horizons. We are restless perfectionists, continually excelling ways to enhance our performance. But always with a principled sense of accountability.
  • The claim stage for example is what distinguished a good company from a bad one, and this is the time when we get closer to our clients, making sure that insurance companies settle the claims speedily.
  • We provide an exciting, stimulating, challenging but also enabling workplace with ample support structures in place to help. Our flat lines of reporting and open-door policy mean top management is always accessible to the team.

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